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With a robust management team and therefore the expertise of professional gamers, ARMEHTECH has been providing quality services to the video and computer games industry. ARMEHTECH team understands the dynamic and fast-paced nature of game development and focuses on reducing the assembly budget, including computer game testing and team size through providing the expertise of highly trained professionals at a substantially lower cost.

ARMEHTECH provides its partners and clients with a coffee cost, quickly scalable alternative to their in-house testing teams. ARMEHTECH can effectively assist you consider development while the dedicated team works on all the sport QA and Game Testing aspects of the sport production process.

Functional Testing

Ensure that your game is strong enough and capable of handling all kind input scenarios and interrupts. Our through execution of internal checks also as checks aligned to SRS ensures that every and each feature is functioning exactly as intended.

Compliance Testing

For ensuring that your game complies with the standards and guidelines of major first party developers like Apple, Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo.

Localization Testing

If the sport supports quite one language, thorough tests are conducted altogether supported languages to make sure that the sport are often played through. ARMEHTECH has language experts to help testers in understanding the language if its not English for familiarization. the method involves translation and verification of text and voice, local naming conventions and testing of user documentation.

Compatibility Testing

The compatibility testing at ARMEHTECH covers all types of games industry hardware and platforms in various combinations of Brands, Flagships, Processors, Motherboards, Video Cards, Sound Cards, CD/DVD OMs and input devices. additionally to all or any quite PC, mobile and tablet platforms, ARMEHTECH covers all emerging and next generation games industry technologies including AR & VR.

Performance Testing

Ensure that your games are performing smoothly and with good FPS while using all the resources like CPU, GPU, memory and network traffic, power consumption then on. we offer our clients the great reports on the performance of game on every tested hardware/system/platform.

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